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Thanks to all the friendly faces at the Canadian Aviation Conference & Tradeshow in Montreal!

It started with a partnership...

In 2001, Blue Sky Booking embarked on a collaborative engineering project with Harbour Air Seaplanes to develop a passenger service system to automate tasks, bring departments together and elevate the passenger experience.

The airline provided generous access and a probing discovery was kicked off. Every department and stakeholder was consulted before a single line of code was written. At the end of discovery there was a ambitious mission to build an application that would provide the best possible customer experience and unify all departments. This philosophy still beats at the very heart of the software today and guides it's direction.

The relationship proved fruitful. Harbour Air Seaplanes' operational efficiencies helped it grow into the largest all seaplane operator in North America.

As the airline grew, Blue Sky Booking was able to innovate and engineer new solutions to meet the airline's ever growing needs, carefully designing features to ensure the greatest flexibly with an eye towards the future of the industry.

From that early partnership, our goal of producing a trusted PSS solution was realized when Salt Spring Air and Whistler Air became our first airline partners. And in 2016, we launched our first non-seaplane client, Helijet, and shortly after, welcomed Gulf Island Seaplanes on board. Our empowering of airline partners has lead to innovations in areas of climate efforts, management practices, and perhaps most exciting, electric propulsion for seaplanes.

As we build upon our world-class operational and business logic at the core of the reservation system, we are paving the way for implementation with regional and low cost carrier airlines. Blue Sky Booking is a ready built and reliable solution that airlines can use to fully manage the reservation and business operations.

If you are interested to learn how a partnership could help your airline achieve new heights, contact our customer success team and start a conversation.

The Crew

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We're passionate about providing innovative solutions for airlines and their passengers.

Jeff Valair
Markianna Jones
VP, Customer Success
Yuriy Olshevskyy
Senior Developer
Christine Pakula
Director of Security

Now Boarding

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