Custom Development Policy

Updated October 19, 2021

Blue Sky Booking strives to deliver a robust reservation system to its customers and continues to add features and modules that expand the capability of the software solution, in harmony with its customers.

From time to time certain features and enhancements are requested by customers and Blue Sky endeavours to satisfy this need while balancing it against the overall integrity of the program, costs and time constraints. The requests can be viewed as an overall benefit to multiple customers or custom to an individual customer, and is often somewhere in-between. This creates a range of cost scenarios for customers: custom work is fully paid for by the requestor; projects determined to be of overall benefit may be completed at no cost to customers, or at a lower cost if there is agreement to prioritize it ahead of other work in development pipeline.

The following policy outlines an orderly system to prioritize, change and implement new features and enhancements in a timely and cost effective manner.

When a request for change or enhancement is received it will be analyzed on a cursory basis to determine if it seems to be an overall benefit or a custom feature, and this can be communicated over a short time frame. If the request is more complex, Blue Sky Booking will prepare a consulting fee estimate to initiate an investigation phase to determine if the change is viable, and then determine whether it will be viewed as an overall benefit or custom.

Once this investigation is complete the request moves to the next stage whereby a proposal and time frame will be communicated. In general, the proposal will contain costs relating to timeline options and work required. As with many projects the outcome may be determined to be of a more overall benefit than originally contemplated, if this is the case then customers will receive a credit or reduction on their fees paid.

This policy is designed to optimize new features and enhancements that benefit individual airlines, or all of our customers in a way that creates fair compensation for work done and recognition through low, or no costs for ideas that improve the reservation system as a whole.

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